Student admission


Why Asia University

Whether you are a potential undergraduate student, graduate student, international student, transfer student or just beginning your search for a college/university, Asia University thanks you for your interest and invites you to explore all of the provided opportunities available for you. Each year, Asia University looks for motivated students and strives to provide a strong educational environment on all levels. We want you to know the following remarkable achievements in the recent years.

Being promoted to the university level in 2005 with a speed record

Owing to excellence in education achievements, this school established as a college in 2001 was promoted by the Ministry of Education to be the university level with a new record of speed in Taiwan.

Being evaluated to be the best new university in 2005

In the 2005 evaluation of all universities by the Ministry of Education, Asia University was ranked the top one in the third group of universities, where six excellent achievements recognized are science, engineering, internationalization, extension education, student affairs, & administrative supports.

Being granted an honored project of University Teaching Excellence

With outstanding teaching achievements, Asia University was granted by the Ministry of Education the University Teaching Excellence project for four consecutive years, which is a great honor because no other newly-established university has obtained such a project.

Being approved to establish five PhD degree programs by the Ministry of Education

With the strong faculty and well-organized curricula, Asia University has been approved to offer five PhD degree programs in Computer Science, Healthcare Administration, Bioinformatics, Business Administration, and Digital Media Design by the Ministry of Education.

Outstanding professors gathering together like a miracle

With the enhancement of the university's reputation, many outstanding professors join Asia University quickly like a miracle. There are fifty-two full-time professors in 2007, and this is another record for a newly-established university in Taiwan.

Strong faculty with leading expertise

With no more lecturer appointed, the quality of the university faculty is highly improved in the recent two years. More than 80% of the faculty members are now assistant professors or higher, rivaling the faculty qualities of many national universities in Taiwan.

Incomparable elegant and artistic campus

Asia University continuously constructs buildings with elegant Greek or Roman styles. There are three lily ponds and various plants on campus, forming a garden university with cherry blossoms in spring, lily flowers in summer, Hong Kong orchids in fall, and full-blown roses in winter