Asia University Is Ranked to be a Top University in Asia-Pacific Area by 2018 THE Report-

Monday, 05 November 2018 14:47

 The UK Time Higher Education (THE) report announces the 2018 best university ranking result on June 28, and Asia University (AU) is listed in the top 181-190. Specifically, a total of 31 universities in Taiwan are within the top 250; and AU, being just 17 years old, is the youngest university, which is regarded as a miracle in the higher education history in Taiwan! In particular, AU and China Medical University (CMU), of the “China Asia Associated University (CA2),” are ranked respectively the No. 5 and No. 1 best private universities in Taiwan according to the ranking list.

In 2014 for the first time AU was evaluated by the THE report as one of the youngest top-100 universities in the world. Since then, in the duration of the recent five years, AU has been evaluated as one of the “top-100 universities” in 12 different rankings announced by the THE reports. Specifically, in this year of 2018, AU has appeared in four THE lists of such top-100 universities, including (1) the list top-100 “millennial universities” (universities younger than 100 years) with AU being the 31th in the world and the 1st in Taiwan; (2) the list of 50 young universities with AU being the 4th in Taiwan;(3) the list of top universities in Emerging Economies with AU being the 18th in Taiwan and the 5th of all the private universities; (4) in the list of the best universities in the Asia-Pacific Region with AU being the 15th in Taiwan, the 5th of all the private universities, and the 1st of the non-medical universities.

The president of AU, Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, mentioned recently that the future will be an “Age of Artificial Intelligence.” He pointed out that AU has established an AI College to teach students AI-related courses. Furthermore, AU has signed MOUs with both the Taiwan AI School and Microsoft to cooperate in training students as AI experts and to conduct coordinated research in the fast growing AI areas. The aim is to promote the international mobility and academic background of the faculty members and students. President Tsai said also that AU, being only 17 years old, is a fast-growing school with international assurance in school running as evaluated by the rankings of the THE, QS, US News and World Report, etc. “AU will become an international renowned university in the near future,” added President Tsai.

About the list of the top universities in Asia-Pacific Region within which AU appears, the dean of R&D of AU, Professor Chih-Yang Huang, said that the ranking is based on the achievements of the evaluated universities in five aspects, including teaching, research, internationalization, academic reputation, as well as the numbers of citations per paper and the number of papers published per faculty member. These evaluation parameters indicate integrally the potential of a young university to become a first-class university in the world. A total of 13 countries in the global are within the top 250. AU has good achievements in teaching, research and academic reputation as evaluated by the THE.